I’ve worked with Lisa for four years, primarily using her knowledge and experience to turn my cash savings into four investment properties (IPs), so that I can accelerate my “FIRE” plans and generate passive income from assets with good potential for ongoing capital growth.

I ‘interviewed’ several other financial planners but moved forward with Lisa because she best understood my goals and how to achieve them, having done so herself. She also has deep knowledge of financial planning, broad experience, and is action-oriented, which I needed to overcome my procrastination tendencies. Being well-known in the market, I know that Lisa cares about her reputation and is keen to deliver a quality result for all parties.

She also deserves credit for telling clients what they need to hear, rather than sugar coating messages, which helped me to make time-critical decisions when needed, rather than wait and pass by a rare opportunity. Left to my own devices, I would have paused and missed the boat.

Leveraging Lisa’s networks resulted in the purchase of IPs that have had strong capital growth and 100% occupancy by tenants, plus home loans that I wouldn’t have been able to secure without expert knowledge (being an overseas-based Kiwi). Lisa also extended her networks to me, such as fantastic property managers. This means my IPs require very little of my time, and the property managers were particularly valuable for identifying and solving the ‘little niggles’ that occur with new build properties in Year One.

I was not always an easy client to work with given I am located in Australia and was purchasing property in NZ during extended Covid lockdowns and changing lending regulations, but Lisa continued to provide encouragement to me and negotiate on my behalf with suppliers in NZ.

I couldn’t have done the above without Lisa’s efforts, and have recommended her services to friends.

Suzanne, Australia July 2022

Lisa Dudson has been my financial advisor since 2017, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. In the first instance, my meetings with Lisa helped me to see my spending habits more clearly, take stock of my financial situation, and set goals for the future. Over the last year I have been mentored by Lisa to learn about the ins and outs of purchasing property, and have recently put a down payment on an investment property. Under Lisa‘s guidance, I have become more educated about Insurance, budgeting, and investing. As a result, I have become more confident in my ability to manage my money, and am well on my way to achieving my short and long term financial goals. Go see Lisa– you won’t regret it!

Alex, Auckland

Lisa is a breath of fresh air when you are navigating financial decisions, she listens and helps you with sound guidance that makes sense to your personal situation. It was refreshing to know that she genuinely loves helping people to get themselves in better financial positions and so you can trust her. I would recommend Lisa in a heartbeat for down-to-earth and practical financial advice that you can trust. Thanks Lisa for making my future plans much more exciting.

Joanna & Mike, Auckland

Lisa, I really value you and the wisdom you have shared with me over the years. During the year I have often thought about the things that you said and the clarity and strength that you have. You have no idea how much of an inspirational and empowering role model you are for me. I’m very grateful for you in my life. I really look up to you and am inspired by your strong sense of self as a woman. It gives me a lot of encouragement that I can do it (in my own way) too. Thank you, Lisa. You inspire me and give me permission to be me in far more ways than you will ever know.

Gaelene Adams Wood

Thank you for the invaluable information and guidance you provided us in our consultation.  By drawing on your experience and expertise as well as taking time to complete the questionnaire, we were able to clearly define our financial goals and what we want for our family’s future. The questionnaire especially helped us to identify areas that needed some work such as our insurances and estate planning and the good and not so good financial habits we have. At first it seemed a daunting task to complete but was well worth the effort. We came away from our meeting with perspective that helped us to make financial decisions we had put in the too hard basket. We are now focused and confident with what needs to be done to achieve what we want thanks to you.

M & M Marshall, Hamilton

The greatest thing about my meeting with Lisa Dudson was, because she listened, prompted and made me feel so comfortable about ‘talking money,’ I actually enjoyed myself! This is a huge admission from a woman who had always ‘buried her head in the sand’ with regard to her finances. The thought of ‘facing the dollars’ had always been such a scary prospect.
If you can relate to my fears I thoroughly recommend you give Lisa a call right now!

Lisa has the ability to instil the self-confidence required in order to make changes you know you must make. She also provides recommended steps to achieve those changes. Now – several years later, I thank Lisa from the bottom of my heart. I sometimes find it amazing I’m now living in my beautiful freehold home and actually enjoying keeping track of my accounts!

Judith Paterson

I first met Lisa 3 years ago as a financial planner.  I have seen how she has lived these Money Management principals and applied them to her own life very successfully and effectively:  I would totally recommend her work and services without reserve.

JM, Auckland

We were fortunate enough to have Lisa speak at our Conference this year. She was fantastic and by far one of the most popular speakers of the day. She encouraged the women who attended her sessions to be responsible for their own financial situation and to not just be passengers in life, but to be financially aware. Her sessions were packed out and you could tell how much value she adds by how many women were taking notes. We would love to have her come back again next year.

Andrea Stewart, Founder New Zealand Women’s Conference

Lisa has presented at several 1 day seminars I have run. The feedback from all the attendees has been excellent. She delivers the information in an easy to understand way leaving behind tools and strategies to make improvements.  She uses so many real examples and case studies so people can really relate to the information.

Financial speakers can be very dry.  Lisa, however, is easy going and down to earth, has a great sense of humour and encourages interaction and questions.

I highly recommend Lisa as a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker.  I have also referred clients to her for 1 on 1 consults and they have been very satisfied. Having an outsider look in to your situation is very helpful

Berly Colley Bricks & Mortar

Dear Lisa

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the seminar you ran for our Property Investors May meeting.  It was a record turnout which was a great relief to us as this was the first time we had booked such a large venue .  We are still getting comments from those who attended (many of which are sponsors) who were really impressed with not only the turnout but the content you covered. The whole evening raised not only the profile of the NZPIF but also our local businesses and sponsors.  We already have several sponsors coming back to us saying that they would be happy to sponsor similar evenings.

I loved that you gave good common sense practical advice.  It meant that everyone there could relate and as such everyone got something out of it.  Obviously there were more technical and complex issues touched on but it was great how you allowed the evenings proceedings to govern where you put your focus on.  When there was an interest generated on a particular area, you spent more time on that.  The Wealth profiles were definitely the most popular and caused the most comment.

I think the follow up that you offered was of huge value and we are still getting enquiries as to when you will be coming back. We ourselves have made the commitment to host a “Women in Business” all day seminar later in the year and would welcome the opportunity for you to come back and run this. Having such a high profile speaker such as yourself will obviously be of huge benefit to those attending (Plus it makes it easier to secure Sponsors).  We look forward to sharing more initiatives in the near future.

Trish Marsden Ohagans Home Loan & Insurance

Lisa was one of the wellbeing speakers in 08. She spoke on “Tips to Stretch the Dollar”. Lisa is an excellent presenter – the following comments are a sample of what our employees said about Lisa’s talk.

  • Thought provoking
  • Brilliant
  • Very interesting speaker – learnt a lot
  • Excellent, had great knowledge of all topics, very interesting
  • Excellent seminar – worthwhile
  • Very good informative presentation that we can all take things from.

Judith Young, Wellbeing Manager, Air New Zealand

Lisa Dudson was an inspiring speaker at one of our Waikato Property Investor meetings.  Speaking to a packed audience of about 300 members, she provided meaty, informative concepts for managing one’s finances and growing wealth overall. We encouraged our members to bring their children and were pleased to see them patiently absorbing Lisa’s nuggets of information for almost two hours! An impressive feat in itself! An accomplished businesswoman with an easy listening style and obvious enthusiasm for sharing her financial knowledge, Lisa made this one of our most memorable and talked about meetings.  We will be more than happy to invite her back to speak again.

Michele Coker, Waikato Property Investors Spokesperson

I would like to highly recommended Lisa Dudson as a speaker to any property or financial groups. She spoke to the Rotorua PIA recently and we got fantastic feedback from our members.  Lisa’s presentation was original, relevant and delivered with energy and humour. She provided information that was immediately applicable.  We will definitely be inviting Lisa back to speak to our association and can recommend her to yours.

Maree Mortimer, President, Rotorua Property Investors Association

As a professional Business Speaker, I was very impressed with Lisa’s ability to take the important but often seemingly unexciting fundamental concepts of ‘wealth creation’ and turn them into interesting and exciting, easy to grasp wealth creation strategies that leaves you little doubt as to Lisa’s ability to execute only the best strategies for her clients.  She is one of the few true wealth creation professionals.

Peter Crisp, International Business Speaker

Feedback from the 2005 ANZ Property Investment Seminar Series

  • “The best seminar we have ever attended” commented by customers who have attended a significant amount of residential, property and financial seminars in NZ.
  • “Far outclassed Westpac’s Residential Seminars they use to provide” commented by ex employees of Westpac.
  • “Shame Lisa Dudson wasn’t my high school girlfriend, I would have been a millionaire by now” provided by a baby boomer.
  • “Lisa Dudson was an excellent speaker who knew her topic well and conveyed information in a very easy to understand format.”
  • “Very professional, and informative seminar, we got an incredible amount of information” provided by new customers to Residential Investment and a customer who owned 4 properties!

Lisa Dudson was the speaker at Tauranga Property Investor Association’s monthly meeting, attracting a good turnout of members.  Her talk on financial success was applicable to people at all levels of knowledge, from those thinking about starting investing through to those who are very established, and the topics were presented in a clear, easy to understand way that made logical sense.  This was supported by a visual presentation.

Examples given from personal experience underlined the messages she was passing on, which were about building a stable base, having a clear direction, and how to find that direction, while making it fit with your lifestyle and values.  Lisa also encouraged people to question their advisors, know their worth at any given time, and to keep on track for the future.

The talk was inspiring and thought provoking.  I am sure many members went home to look up moneyblog and enroll in the free online moneyclub course.

Tania Bowler TPIA August 10

In August 2009 Lisa addressed our Hawkes Bay Property Investors Assn. on Financial Planning. This address attracted one of our largest audiences and was by general acclaim an excellent address. In fact one of the best addresses we have had. Lisa is a financial planner who can see the big picture and focuses on the client, rather than recommending a fixed suite of investments that are easy to sell. I can strongly recommend her as an entertaining thought provoking speaker who is a leader in her field.

Graham Duff,  Vice President, Hawkes Bay Property Investors Assn.

Lisa spoke at the Manawatu Property Investors Association at the end of 2009.  We had a great turnout, sold all her books and people found the advice very informative.  There were lots of facts and wonderful explanations on investment options and guidance on how they fit into your life planning.  I highly recommend Lisa as a speaker and I have used her guidance personally for many years.

Jill Baker, Committee Member

Hearing Lisa speak at the Property Expo the other week, I really enjoyed her clearly presented ideas on money management. Her confident presentation and anecdotes were a thought provoking wake up call around an often avoided topic.

Mark Muir, Auckland

Delivery of money management information does not need to be serious or boring – not any longer anyway thanks to Lisa Dudson.  Personally, I was pleasantly informed, inspired and motivated to take action after listening to Lisa’s ‘successful money management’ presentation.

In 30 minutes Lisa delivered the cold hard facts on our rising personal debt, reliable knowledge on what our rising debt will mean later on when we retire and helpful tips on how to get our personal finance under control now so we can have the lifestyle we desire sooner than we think.  And you’d think this stuff would be boring to listen to – well think again, Lisa has the knack of making it all seem quite fun and we like doing fun things don’t we?

Thanks Lisa.

Donna Richardson, Propertytalk.com Limited

Excellent.  Practical, real, and provides the tools and encouragement to take the steps we need to achieve our own financial well being.  You find out or are reminded of what to do to support the financial wellbeing of yourself and or family.  Take action and the returns will be phenomenal in the longer term, as well as in your sense of empowerment as you take charge of your daily financial life.  Thoroughly recommended.  Thank you.

John B

I have found the services and advice provided by Lisa Dudson as both a personal financial advisor as well as a Business Coach invaluable in helping me achieve my personal and business goals.  Lisa’s many years of business, financial and property success means she walks the talk and has the experience and credibility.

In a market crowded with wannabe coaches and consultants who often are little more than failed commission sales people, Lisa is the real deal. Lisa also has the skill to combine strategic thinking with practical what to do advice.

When you work with Lisa not only are you accessing her many years of experience but also her extensive network of professionals.  Lisa operates with the highest level of integrity and I have no hesitation recommending her.

Angela Beer – Creator Hello Dolly

Since starting with Lisa I’ve doubled my income while having more freedom and working less. By helping me clarify my goals, manage my cashflow and focus on what was truly important to my business I’ve seen amazing results. And now I count on Lisa’s guidance as I take my business development to the next level again.

There are lots of business and financial advisors out there to choose from. The problem is they’re just that… advisors. Most of them have never built and sold a successful business or made a decent income from investments.

Lisa is different because she can speak from experience. She’s been there and can guide you from personal experience. She also knows the personal journey that we must go on if we want to be successful business owners.

This is why I value Lisa’s opinion so highly and turn to her for business advice on a regular basis. Not only does she answer all my questions but presents new angles that I’d never even considered. This is the value in having someone who has walked the path successfully before you.

If you’re a business owner I recommend you book at least one session with Lisa right now. Because it’s only in that session where you will understand her true value. But I feel if you’re willing to take the first step then at the end of your time together you’ll be wishing you’d done it much sooner.

Craig Dewe – Web Marketing Outlaw

We have been working with Lisa Dudson for approximately ten years for both personal and business advice.  It was imperative we work with an advisor that has ‘walked the walk’.  Lisa’s credentials speak for themselves, so impressive, she has been pivotal to the success of our personal and business goals and aspirations.

We are a husband and wife team which had been challenging at times.  Lisa helped us identify our differences through a profile program and it was a turning point in our working relationship, it was huge!!! We learnt to work with our strengths and weaknesses and not sweat the small stuff. Our goals and desires were regularly assessed and re-directed relative to our stage in life.

Lisa’s style is pragmatic which is essential, but at the same time Lisa made sure we realized that if mind, body and soul are not in sync, then it can all be in vain.  It was ‘bigger picture’ visualization, not just about financial achievements, and making sure we stayed true to our values.

Thank goodness for this approach as we did have a health challenge thrown at us along the way and huge adjustments were made by us with Lisa’s empathy and consultation. At the risk of repetition, Lisa has been without a doubt, paramount to our success and she is an inspiration.

Paul and Marnie Sutherland , Paul Sutherland Photography & Production

Thanks for helping us get so much more clarity on what our property investment strategy should be.  We have attended a number of courses and read lots of book but we have struggled to put it all into action.  I guess we were overwhelmed by the amount of information and were so focused on getting it right that we couldn’t get started.  You helped us understand what was relevant to our individual circumstances so we now feel comfortable moving forward.

Wayne & Emily, Tauranga

I’ve been thinking about writing to you for a while.  My partner and I had heard you speak a number of times and finally got around to coming to see you.  I’m so glad we did as we have made so much progress since we saw you.  We now have a number of rental properties and are now well on our way to achieving our financial goals.

Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner as I’m sure we would have been so much further ahead by now.  We tell all our friends about you and we hope they have the foresight to come and see you.  Thanks so much for your practical and sound advice.

Tom, Auckland

Hi Lisa,

I would like to say a big thank you for your presentation I attended before xmas on “Feeling the pinch at Xmas time”.  Im glad I took time out of my busy work day to attend!!

The information you provided gave me some real insights as to what my husband and I have been so wrong about all those years.. I had some key moments where I was thinking throughout your presentation “oh REALLY.. is it that simple!!”  Even though we could not do much at Xmas financially, you empowered me to take control of our financial situation.

I then registered for your “7 Week Financially Free Course” shortly after.  Both my husband and I sat down every week to review each segment over the 7 weeks and went through the course.  I must say it took us strength to review and analyse every single bank transaction over the month of November, but this was such a blessing in disguise… the amount of discrepancies on the tiniest of items when we added it up on some items literally had us gob smacked!  We had to look at it again and again and went no…YES… OMG that is not how much we spend on blah blah blah each month!! It was a big wake up call.

We set up our goals on what we want to achieve and worked on our own little “Lake Money System” even my son who is 11 years old we educated him on how it worked and he now calls it his “sanity pocket money” and shares this to friends and family, too cute.

We are not frugal with our spending any longer and taking out our sanity money every fortnight, was easy once you get in the habit of it.  We have set up various saving accounts to our needs and our real test is to review how we are tracking at the end of February as our budget is now in full swing!  We looked at other avenues on how we could make money and have a Korean student stay with us for 6 weeks who not only is the same age as our son so he has a new friend but it is also helping us pay off our debts faster.

Again, thank you for all your help for empowering us.. and will be excited to watch our net worth grow over this year.

Kindest regards, AM, Auckland

The course was real, structured and valuable.  Lisa provides the tools and the expertise to do what we need to do to take responsibility for our financial wellbeing, and to begin building the life of our dreams.  These tools and insights are applicable to most people; whether you are new to the world of managing your personal finance or are refreshing yourself on the fundamentals that need to underpin a sustainable long term wealth generation strategy.  This seminar will give you the encouragement and reminder of what you can do to make your life a financial success.  Thanks for a great course.

Samatha C

Hi Lisa, I recently read your book ‘get your head out of the sand’ and am delighted at the inspirational, straight-forward way you have dealt with financial issues, I usually get 2-3 books out from the library each month to keep me focused on my financial goals. Sometimes I do not relate to them easily, perhaps the topic might be beyond my current goals, or just the way the book is written, so it was great to read and re-read your book and recommend it to other women. Your step by step tasks and constant inspiration made it for me. Write More!

I have no investments, no savings, -at present, but I will have -and that is my success. I am 50, parenting alone my 2 children aged 11 and 8. I work fulltime and am finishing a post-graduate diploma in health sciences. Five years ago I discovered my husband had re-mortgaged the family home to finance his gambling. I was devastated. I separated, got back together and eventually separated for good 2 years ago. When first separated I had a credit card and over 18 months booked up $2062 just buying groceries when I ran short. I became appalled by this and when I received a tax refund for $2064.64 I decided!!! I paid off the card, gave it to a friend for emergencies only and vowed to live within my means no matter what. 18 months later I told my friend to chop up my card and I cancelled the account.

I have found it hard, especially, last year 2005 when I suddenly had to find $100 a week for after-school care, but I did it. Food is always the flexible option and often I would have $120 to spend on it a fortnight, I shop only fortnightly, apart from fruit/veges. I shopped at Savemart for clothes, and made coffee out a special treat. At the beginning of 2005 my children, a friend and I decided we would go to Auckland in Jan 2006 -see the Lionman, and all the Auckland kiddie things. As hard as it got during the year I stuck to my saving plan $75 a fortnight and reached my goal of $1400 for the trip. We had a great time and no debt, and no Xmas debt, so now as I enter 2006 I feel free- no back bills !!!

I’ve knocked $30,000 off the mortgage in the last 5 years AND replaced the roof and painted the house. ($14,000) I have an old house and do a lot of other repairs myself. I aim to be mortgage-free in September 2009. Then those mortgage payments I will use for retirement savings- I have no ideas about how to do this, so will need to learn. I am considering doing a Masters in health sciences but there is little career structure which would repay my time and increase my income, so I am wondering if I need to put that 20 hours a week I would study into developing another income source-what, I have no idea and, obviously now, no resources, but am willing to explore this.

My kids have done it hard not having the latest gadgets as their friends but are learning the value of money. This year I have decided to involve them in the fortnightly finance planning/decision-making. I set up education funds for them 5 years ago, not much, and will increase this as I can. I feel in control of my finances. In the middle of the night I do wake worrying I’ve left it too late to save much for retirement and really have to ‘pull my head in’ as I am determined to do as much as I can and be as wise as possible. I have copied your goal-setting and completed the exercises in your book AND in the middle of the night re-read these.

Thank you so much for your inspiration. I look forward to your next book.

C G, Christchurch

I am writing to thank you for coming to speak at the Waikato Property Investors Association last month.  I had so many comments from members but the best one was from a parent who said her 10 year old child went home and slapped a piece of paper on the table and said she was going to buy a farm when she left school, so she needed to do a plan for savings.  How awesome is that?   Thanks very much Lisa.  It was very much appreciated.

Beryl le Grove, Secretary Waikato Property Investors Association