Are You Wanting To Buy An Investment Property?

Too Busy To Make It Happen, Or Not Sure How To Go About It??

You’re not on your own. In fact, I’ve been talking with 100’s of very successful people who want to buy an investment property, but they feel that they don’t have the time, money, or knowledge to do it.

They’re valid concerns. But the truth is that if you have good equity in your home or a deposit, and some spare income each month then we can probably make it happen for you.

Admit it – you know that every week, month or year that goes by that you don’t do something about it, that the prices are going up, and you’re missing out on passive income and capital gain. You’re probably also missing out on the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial future is safe and secure.

So, if you’re wanting to make the leap but you want the support of someone who’s successfully navigated this process for more than 30 years, and is willing to do a lot of the hard work and time consuming graft for you – then I have the perfect solution for you.

I have built a diverse portfolio of various investments over the years but haven’t found many that compare as favourably as residential property investment. Let me explain why this is such a good option.

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I’ve worked with Lisa for four years, primarily using her knowledge and experience to turn my cash savings into four investment properties (IPs), so that I can accelerate my “FIRE” plans and generate passive income from assets with good potential for ongoing capital growth.

I ‘interviewed’ several other financial planners but moved forward with Lisa because she best understood my goals and how to achieve them, having done so herself. She also has deep knowledge of financial planning, broad experience, and is action-oriented, which I needed to overcome my procrastination tendencies. Being well-known in the market, I know that Lisa cares about her reputation and is keen to deliver a quality result for all parties.

She also deserves credit for telling clients what they need to hear, rather than sugar coating messages, which helped me to make time-critical decisions when needed, rather than wait and pass by a rare opportunity. Left to my own devices, I would have paused and missed the boat.

Leveraging Lisa’s networks resulted in the purchase of IPs that have had strong capital growth and 100% occupancy by tenants, plus home loans that I wouldn’t have been able to secure without expert knowledge (being an overseas-based Kiwi). Lisa also extended her networks to me, such as fantastic property managers. This means my IPs require very little of my time, and the property managers were particularly valuable for identifying and solving the ‘little niggles’ that occur with new build properties in Year One.

I was not always an easy client to work with given I am located in Australia and was purchasing property in NZ during extended Covid lockdowns and changing lending regulations, but Lisa continued to provide encouragement to me and negotiate on my behalf with suppliers in NZ.

I couldn’t have done the above without Lisa’s efforts, and have recommended her services to friends.

Suzanne, Australia July 2022

Lisa Dudson has been my financial advisor since 2017, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. In the first instance, my meetings with Lisa helped me to see my spending habits more clearly, take stock of my financial situation, and set goals for the future. Over the last year I have been mentored by Lisa to learn about the ins and outs of purchasing property, and have recently put a down payment on an investment property. Under Lisa‘s guidance, I have become more educated about Insurance, budgeting, and investing. As a result, I have become more confident in my ability to manage my money, and am well on my way to achieving my short and long term financial goals. Go see Lisa– you won’t regret it!

Alex, Auckland

Lisa is a breath of fresh air when you are navigating financial decisions, she listens and helps you with sound guidance that makes sense to your personal situation. It was refreshing to know that she genuinely loves helping people to get themselves in better financial positions and so you can trust her. I would recommend Lisa in a heartbeat for down-to-earth and practical financial advice that you can trust. Thanks Lisa for making my future plans much more exciting.

Joanna & Mike, Auckland

My Process

Step One: If you are comfortable after our 15min discovery call, we organise a one hour consultation, either in person or online to understand your current financial position and get clarity on your goals. You will be required to complete a 10 page questionnaire prior to the consultation. In the consultation I will give you guidance on how to strengthen your financial foundations, talk about investment options including property investment to see what is the best fit for you. If you decide that property investment is the right way to go and you want my help you can join my property programme. If it is not for you and the consultation is enough, you will only be charged the consultation fee of $375 plus GST.

Step Two: Next we need to get your finance pre-approved and decide which ownership structure is best suited to your situation. I can refer you to one of my preferred professionals that I have developed relationships with over many years, or I can work with your team. I am happy to guide them on your behalf.

Step Three: We have an in-depth lesson about property investment so you understand the fundamentals. Learn about leverage, yield, capital growth, interpreting the numbers and how property can help you fund your retirement. You will receive a free copy of my latest books: The New Zealand Property Guide and Good with Money. You will also receive a free copy of my property analysis software.

Step Four: Once you understand the fundamentals and know how much you can borrow, I will give you some options to consider and will provide you with in-depth information about the property, such as rental appraisals, building specifications and other material for your team to review before making a commitment.

Step Five: Once we have found the ideal property and you have made the decision to buy. I will support you through the due diligence process. I can introduce you to any professional experts that are required.

Step Six: When the property is close to settlement, I will introduce you to an excellent property manager to manage your property for you. Together we will attend the pre-settlement inspection and organise a tenant as soon as possible after settlement. I will also introduce you to a specialist to produce a chattels depreciation schedule for your accountant so you can maximise your cashflow. If you need any help at any point in the future, I will be there to support you.

Ready To Get Some Help?

Book a FREE 15min Property Discovery Call with Lisa to discuss any questions you may have.

Who is this service ideal for?

If you are keen to grow your wealth, have paid down a chunk of your personal home mortgage and have an income high enough to be able to borrow and fund and investment property, and want a more hands off approach then we should talk.

How Much Does It Cost?

I charge a modest fee, of $2,995 + gst. It covers, my time looking over your current financial position and determining how best to manage your future investments, researching and finding you a property, helping you build a professional team and pretty much anything you need to help you purchase your investment property. It is a “wrap-around” service, and as already stated, I am not a ‘transaction merchant’. I am not a developer or real estate agent, nor do I have any direct financial interest in the properties I recommend. I work for my clients. When a property is transacted, I also get paid a fee from the developer.

Why me and What makes this programme different?

Unlike other financial companies you will be working directly with me. I only work with a small number of clients at any one time.

I have over 30 years of personal investment experience working with more than 10,000 people as an author, mentor, speaker and celebrity. I’ve built my own diversified portfolio and have over 25 years in the financial services and property investment industry. I’ve built an extensive network of professionals that I can introduce you to. They can even become part of your team, or I can work with your existing team.

As your advisor I will help and support you to implement your goals and objectives. This is a very personalised approach tailored to your specific needs. Throughout the programme you will have access to support material and reasonable phone and email support so you can use me as a sounding board throughout your journey.

Ready To Get Some Help?

Book a FREE 15min Property Discovery Call with Lisa to discuss any questions you may have.

Outcomes you will gain in the programme

  • Leverage your business earnings or personal earnings to grow your personal wealth
  • Develop a solid financial base
  • A good understanding of how property investment works
  • Purchased an investment property
  • A team of professionals around you to help manage your property and ensure you are well advised through your journey


Most of my clients are busy professionals and business owners who want other professionals to do most of the work for them.

Your only limit is how much the bank will lend you and how much you feel comfortable borrowing.

Generally main centres like Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown/Wanaka.

I recommend new properties.  If you are interested in existing properties and need some help then its best to use my consulting services.

This is because my clients who are interested in this programme are usually professionals or business owners who want quality properties that are in good growth locations, are low maintenance and easy to manage, are attractive to tenants and meet the new Healthy Homes regulations.  The net yields (after costs have been taken off) are usually very comparable and often better than older properties.

Through my long established networks I have access to a number of developers that are well vetted and have strong reliable histories.

No there is not.  Generally my clients have purchased a property within 3-6months.

Ready To Get Some Help?

Book a FREE 15min Property Discovery Call with Lisa to discuss any questions you may have.

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