“Years ago we met Lisa via a video conference over Money Management.

I learnt a thing or two.

Nowadays, we are debt free, but the economics are still tricky to balance with the devaluation of the $ (CPI increases). A salary increase would be the bonus too.

  • I discovered I didn’t need a phone plan, just $20 top up to use occasionally. Mobile is used at work and at home, via Wifi. Saves a fortune. Life insurance, reduced from $300K to $30K.
  • Grocery shopping done once a fortnight with a list.
  • Garden now provides 60% of vegetables. Blanching some beans, normally that is enough for a year. Tomatoes provide plenty for the season.
  • Four Hens provide the eggs.
  • Some preserving and bottling of relishes and fruit.

Bought two investment properties, paid a large chunk off both and sold one. Debt Free now.

Save 10% to KiwiSaver, and another 10% to Invest & Savings.

Have an emergency fund.

I just don’t randomly buy coffee, we bought a great second hand coffee machine.

A third of my clothes, shoes and handbags are pre loved. I seldom shop.

That’s it. A much happier way to live.

Retirement is arriving within the next 1 to 5 years.

What makes a person happy?

Partly learning how to be happy as opposed to needy, how to either put off buying or not feeling any requirement to buy.”