What have you learnt during these challenging times? Covid-19 has had a serious impact on many people and we have been inundated with the consequences. Mostly the negative ones. It is usually more helpful to consider what positive things could come of out this, so let’s consider those:

More Technology Savvy
The surveys I’ve seen have shown that many of us have learnt a lot more about technology, albeit probably out of necessity. That’s got to be a good thing for the future. As let’s face it, technology has only been accelerating over time and you have had a great opportunity to improve your knowledge.

More Flexible Working Environments
If you have been working from home, enjoying it and its been productive, there is a good chance that your employer will let you do that more often in the future. Many employers have seen how good it is for their staff and there are possible cost reductions for things like office space.

More Time
Are you enjoying a slower pace of life and more time with your family? Not only is a slower pace good for you physically and mentally, a more rested mind makes better decisions. If you have been working from home, your commuting time might have reduced by more than an hour per day. Are there things that you are going to change to keep some of that time going forward?

More Money
How much have you saved in the last two months? With the exception of those that have been unfortunate to lose their jobs, many people have realised how much can be saved when you are not going out and spending money on takeaways, entertainment, clothes, alcohol, etc. Have you looked at how much less you spent? Did you miss all the things you were not able to buy? Are you now going to spend differently in the future? These times have illustrated how important it is to put some money aside for a rainy day so maybe some of the money you did save can go into an account specifically for unplanned things.

Better Health
As a nation we have been cooking up a storm and as long as you haven’t been over-indulging in all that baking, you are probably eating better and have had more time to exercise. Hopefully this has led to a healthier version of your pre Covid 19 self. Being healthier physically has a really positive impact on how you feel mentally as well.

More Aware
Being healthier, with more time and better productivity utilising technology you should be able to think about what is important. How do you want your future to look? Not only considering our personal needs but also our impact on the environment which is something that is becoming more important.

Our biggest challenges always create our best learning opportunities. So what have you learnt from the Covid 19 experience? What positive changes are you going to make to help yourself and your family have a better future?