Why do you use a questionnaire?

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We use it for a number of reasons:  It provides us a comprehensive background on your current situation and goals.  It helps you think about what you want to talk to us about.  Many of our clients have said they have had their money's worth from just completing it.  It enables us to get a lot more achieved in our consultation than

What type of clients do you see?

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I have been in the industry for almost two decades and have seen pretty much any type of person and situation you can imagine.  My clients range from people deep in debt to those with large investment portfolios and just about everything in between. The best way to find out if I can help is to get in contact because if I can’t I can probably point you

What can we give you advice about?

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The advice that we give is general in nature and is more about providing you a financial sounding board, helping you with your financial strategy and giving you some guidance on your overall financial position.  We do not provide advice on whether you should enter into or exit specific investment products (e.g. shares or funds),

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