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Investor, author, entrepreneur and seminar speaker, Lisa Dudson is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading personal wealth educators in the property and personal financial sectors. With multiple bestselling books, ‘The Complete Guide to Residential Property Investment in New Zealand’ (which spent 26 weeks on the Bestsellers List), ‘Get your Head out of the Sand’, ‘Winning the Money War’ and ‘Money & You’, Lisa shares great advice and has a desire to help people build a smarter financial future.

10 Life Lessons

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Embrace the power of self-awareness: Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of behaviour is crucial for personal growth and positive change. Acknowledge past mistakes: Don't dwell on past mistakes, instead acknowledge them as learning opportunities. Use these experiences to identify areas for improvement and make conscious choices to avoid repeating them. Practice self-compassion: Treat

Pay off Mortgage or contribute to KiwiSaver?

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Recently, BusinessDesk received an email from a reader seeking financial advice. It turns out her stepfather had some questionable suggestions for her and her husband. The reader and their husband earn around $150,000 pre-tax, have a huge mortgage of $600,000 and currently cannot contribute more than 3% to their KiwiSaver. According to her stepfather, they should

Selling Online – Beware of Your Tax Obligations

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Given our turbulent times many people are both looking at stretching their dollars further by buying second hand and having a clean out of their stuff.  I would imagine online platforms like Trade Me and Facebook Market Place have had high transactions of late. Just about every Kiwi has bought or sold something on Trade

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