How to become financially free in just 7 weeks

This simple way to get back in control of your money

Welcome to your free online course. Every week you’ll be emailed a new lesson which includes a video to watch and a few exercises to complete in the workbook. If you’re keen we’ve also provided all the lessons here so you can go through them immediately.

However we must emphasise the importance of doing the exercises. You don’t lose weight by sitting on your bum watching workout videos and the same is true for financial freedom. You must do the work to enjoy the benefits.

While this may be unpleasant initially as you find your financial feet it will soon become a normal part of your life. And once the Simple Money System is set up and you have some practice it’ll only take you 15 minutes a month to manage all your finances. Doesn’t that sound nice?

So dive in and start with Lesson 1 – It’s all about the mind. Enjoy!